This blog is about the top things to do in Bacolod and other tourist spots in Negros Occidental.

Most visits to Negros Occidental begin with Bacolod City, the capital of the province, once the haven of the sugar industry in the Philippines. Now, Bacolod is best known for Masskara Festival, one of the biggest festivals in the country. It is also a food haven, don’t miss trying local Negros food such as chicken inasal, cansi, and piaya.

While there’s not much attraction in Bacolod, the city is a good base and entry point for exploring the top tourist attractions in Negros Occidental such as Mt.Kanlaon Natural Park, The Ruins, Silay, Campuestuhan Highlands, Lakawon Island, Carbin Reef, and Sipalay. Visitors can even cross to Iloilo City by sea.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the best things to do in Bacolod.





Why is it one of the top things to do in Bacolod?

Masskara Festival, the festival of smiles, is one of the biggest festivals in the Philippines, held every October in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. The term “Masskara” was coined from the words “mass” (crowd) and “kara” (face), which literally means “Festival of Many Faces”. During the celebration, Bacolod exude an enchanted atmosphere as masked dancers fill the streets, dancing to the tunes of live music, and many events are organized in the city.


Interestingly, Masskara Festival was founded sometime in 1980 and was first held back in October 19, 1980 to help ease the misery of the locals. A tragedy struck in the evening of April 22, 1980 when M/S Don Juan, a ferry carrying about 1,000 passengers, most of them are Negrense, collided with M/T Tacloban City tanker en route to Bacolod from Manila. The ferry instantly sunk off shore Mindoro, killing about 750 passengers.


Why is it one of the best things to do in Bacolod?

Mention Bacolod food and chicken inasal (grilled chicken) will come to mind. Chicken inasal is Bacolod’s most famous local delicacy known for its smoky taste and yellowish look. There are several eateries and restaurants in Bacolod serving chicken inasal, but the best place to go is Manokan Country. It is said that back in the 80’s, the inasal food stalls where just scattered on the sidewalks, until the local government brought them organized them to create what is known as Manokan Country. You can choose from several restaurants serving chicken inasal here.


Why is it one of the top Bacolod tourist spots?

Built in 1927 and completed 6 years after, the Capitol Building in Bacolod, which is the official seat of the governor of the province, exhibits the Beaux-Arts architectural design that is inspired by French Neocolonialism. Based on anecdotes,the city planner Daniel Burnham, one of the celebrated American architects who studied in Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris visited the Philippines upon the invitation of the then Governor General William Cameron Forbes to visit the Philippines. He recommended William Parsons as consulting architect, who structured the architectural office of the Bureau of Public Works, composed of American and Filipino architects including Juan Nakpil, Tomas Bautista Mapua, and Juan de Guzman Arellano who implemented the plan. The Capitol Building was declared as National Historical Landmark in 1994.


The Capitol Building is shaped like the letter E, and the neck-swivelling façade is fringed by towering, massive colonnades. The sculptures at the Capitol Building are believed to be designed by the works of Guillermo Tolentino, the National Artist for Sculpture.

Near the man-made lagoon at the Capitol Grounds, you’ll notice striking statues painted in gold. The carabao (water buffalo) and a woman is attributed to Italian sculpture Frances Riccardo Monti, while the man riding a female carabao was made by Negrense artist Felix Garzon.

There’s also a memorial for the war veterans at the heart of the Capitol Ground.


Why is a famous Bacolod tourist spot?

The San Sebastian Cathedral in Bacolod city was originally constructed in 1825 and was renovated towards the end of the century. The 2 bell towers (the original wooden church has 1 bell tower only) were built in 1885 and eventually the bells were relocated to the churchyard for the preservation. In 1933, San Sebastian Church was declared a cathedral when Bacolod was converted into a diocese.



Why is it one of the best Bacolod food?

Another must-try Negrense dish that you can find in Bacolod is the cansi (kansi), a traditional comfort food made of boiled bone-in beef shank with beef chunks and bone marrow and made sour by batuan fruit. The best place to eat cansi in Bacolod is at Sharyn’s Cansi House that is included in the World’s Top 50 Street Food Masters chosen by panel of industry experts during the World Street Food Congress (WSFC). The last time I ate here, the cansi served to me is good for 2-3 persons, about ₱290 ($6) if I remember it correctly.

Address: C-58 Capitol Shopping Center, Narra Ave, Brgy. Villamonte, Bacolod

Open Hours: 7:30 AM – 8:00 PM



Why is it one of the best things to do in Bacolod?

Piaya is a famous Negros delicacy that is made of flat unleavened bread filled with muscovado and glucose syrup. It is believed that piaya was created to promote the sugar industry of Negros.

Bong bongs is one of the oldest bakers of piaya. Most tourists who want to take home Bacolod and Negros local delicacies head to Bong Bongs. But did you know that they also offer a workshop on how to make a piaya? You can book in advance through their Facebook page to secure a slot, and it only costs ₱60 per person (minimum 15 pax, maximum 50 pax). The Bong Bongs piaya workshop is available from Mondays to Saturdays (closed on Sundays).

Address: Bongbong Villan Building corner Pauline Street Alijis Road Bacolod City, Negros Occidental


Why is it one of the famous Bacolod tourist spots?

Originally built as a Provincial Agricultural Building, it now houses the Negros Museum that was founded in 1996. The Negros Museum is like a gate to the world of Negros, which aims to promote understanding of the history, culture, artistry, and life in Negros island. Also, on display here are several artworks of local artists that are for sale. Negros Museum also houses a Toy Gallery with toy collections from around the world including dolls of different sizes.

Address: Old Agricultural Building, Gatuslao Street, Bacolod City

Open Hours: Monday to Saturday 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Entrance Fee: (Adult) ₱100, (Senior) ₱80, (Student & Child) ₱70

Access: 3 minute walk from the Provincial Capitol



Why is it one of the top things to do in Bacolod?

The Negros Showroom has 2 branches: the original shop is located along Lacson Street while the other one is at Central City Walk in Robinson’s Place, Bacolod.

If you’re looking for the best souvenirs in Bacolod and Negros, The Negros Showroom is the best place to visit. It’s a one-stop shop of the best products in Negros, from bags, shirts, hand-crafted goods, jewelries, to local delicacies such as piyaya, napoleones, barquillos, and biscocho.

Address: Lacson Street, Bacolod City / Robinsons Place Bacolod central City Walk, Bacolod,

Open Hours: Daily 10:00 AM – 8:00 PM


Why is it one of the top Bacolod food?

Whenever I am in Bacolod, I always make it a point to drop by at Calea, a haven for cakes and pastries. Calea is the most popular dessert café in Bacolod and it’s not surprising since they serve really delicious cakes. If you can’t decide what to eat, try their best-seller – the chocolate mud pie. Calea also has a pretty nice ambience, perfect for sipping a cup of coffee while enjoying a bite of your favorite pastry.


Lacson Street Branch: L.Sea Building 14th Street corner Lacson Street, Bacolod City

Balay Quince Branch: 15th Street, Balay Quince, Bacolod City

Robinsons Place Bacolod Branch: 1st Level, Robinsons Place Bacolod, Lacson Street Madalagan,

How to get to Calea:

1.Take a jeepney bound for Mandalafan-Libertad or Bata-Libertad from Central Market. Fare is ₱8 ($0.16).

2.Tell the driver to drop you off at Calea.


Why is it one of the top Bacolod things to do?

Back in area in February 20, 1981, Pope John Paul II visited Bacolod City and celebrated a mass near BREDCO (Bacolod Real Estate Development Corporation), a reclamation area in the city. The John Paul II Tower is a pilgrimage center, erected near the aforementioned site to commemorate that important event. The soaring building dedicated to the late Pope John Paull II is composed of 8 floors and offers a great view of Bacolod City and Guimaras Strait. Displayed here are pictures, relics, and vestment he used during his visit.

(Video) Bacolod Travel Guide: Top 10 Best Things To Do in Negros Occidental

Address: BREDCO near SM City, Bacolod City

Open Hours: 8:00 AM

Entrance Fee: ₱20 ($0.39)


Why is it one of the top things to do in Bacolod?

One of the best places to eat in Bacolod is the pala-pala style restaurant. It’s their version of dampa, like the one in Manila, where customers can buy fresh seafood straight from the Pala- Pala Market and they can go to the nearest “tulahan” and they can cook the seafood for you. The price for the paluto depends on the cooking style and ingredients used. Here’s the usual paluto:

  • Crabs – chili or steamed
  • Shrimps – buttered garlic, steamed, or chili (spicy-garlic)
  • Squid – adobo, calamares
  • Scallops – buttered garlic, grilled
  • Fish – grilled, sizzling, soup

Open Hours: Daily 3:00 PM – 5:00 AM


Here’s a list of top tourist spots in Negros Occidental that can be done as a day trip from Bacolod city.


Why is it one of the top places to see near Bacolod?

Mention Bacolod and The Ruins will immediately come to mind. But this famous attraction is actually located in Talisay, not Bacolod.

Based on anecdotes, The Ruins was built as a reminder of great love. Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson, a sugar baron from Talisay, Negros Occidental fell in love with Maria Braga, a Portuguese from Macau. They eventually got married, settled in Negros, and had 10 children. When Maria got pregnant with her 11th child, she slipped in their bathroom and bled heavily. She couldn’t stand to go to the physician, so his husband had to request for a physician who lives in Silay. It took 4 days for the physician to arrive by horse-drawn carriage and sadly, Maria and the child already passed away. Mariano was broken-hearted, he then decided to build an Italian-inspired mansion dedicated to his wife. Unfortunately, during the World War II, the guerillas burned down the beautiful mansion to prevent the Japanese soldiers from using it as a military headquarters. The frame of the mansion survived, hence the name, like a testament of one great love that stood the test of time.

Address: Talisay, Bacolod

Open Hours: Daily 8:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Entrance Fee: (Adult) ₱100 ($2), (Seniors/PWD) ₱70 ($1.38), (Student) ₱60 ($1.18), (Child) ₱20


How to get to The Ruins:

1.Take the jeepney to Bata-Libertad (northbound, going to Bata). Fare is ₱8 ($0.16) per person. You can find this jeepney along Lacson Street in Bacolod city.

2.Get off at Pepsi Plant (near Ceres North Terminal).

3.Take a tricycle to The Ruins. Fare is ₱50 ($1) per person.

4.At the gate of The Ruins, pay the entrance fee.

Alternatively, you can also take a taxi to The Ruins from downtown Bacolod.

Going back to Bacolod from The Ruins:

Option 1

Best to take the shuttle van that leaves every 30 mins – 1 hour. Fare is ₱50 ($1) person to Robinsons Bacolod and ₱70 ($1.38) to Ayala Malls Capitol Central.

Option 2

1.Take the tricycle back to Pepsi Plant. Fare is ₱50 ($1) per person.


2.Cross the high-way and tale the jeepney en route to Libertad. Fare is ₱8 ($0.16) per person.


Why is it one of the best places to visit near Bacolod?

One of the popular resorts near Bacolod is Campuestuhan Highland Resort, situated in Talisay, Negros Occidental. This sprawling family-friendly resort was originally planned as a retirement home of Ricardo and Nina Tan, but upon seeing the majestic view surrounding it, they changed the plan to what is now known as Campuestuhan Highland Resort. Aside from the swimming, the resort also offers various activities like zipline, hamster wheel, sky bicycle, rope course, and even horseback riding. Kids will also enjoy Campuestuhan Highland Resort because of the life-size statues of superheroes here such as Batman, Icredible Hulk, Thor, and Superman.

Campuestuhan Highland Day Tour: RESERVE HERE


Why is it one of the top things to see in Bacolod?

To get a true taste of nature, head to Mambukal Resort, about an hour away by local bus from Bacolod City. Mambukal Resort is a timeless nature resort covering roughly 23.6 hectares of land at the foot of the mighty Mt.Kanlaon in Murcia, Negros Occidental. It is the gateway to Mt.Kanlaon via the Wasay Trail.

Interestingly, Mambukal Resort was originally conceptualized by Kokichi Paul Ishawata, a Japanese architect, in 1927. This is why this place houses a Japanese-inspired bath house and a picnic garden.

Mambukal Resort is sprinkled with nature springs, jungle-clad mountains, and waterfalls. The resort may seem old and forgotten, but once you take a leisurely walk around its surroundings, you’ll most likely appreciate the forest surrounding it.

If you are adventurous enough, you can hike the 7 waterfalls inside the confines of Mambukal Resort. But if you have limited time like us, you can rent a motorbike (with driver) to the jumping off point if the 1st and 2nd waterfall. If I remember it correctly I think I paid ₱50 one way. Then at the start of the trail, you can hire a guide for your security and to avoid getting lost. It’s an easy hike to reach the 1st waterfall from the jumping off point, you can also do the 2nd waterfall in Mambukal Resort.

Here’s the rate for the waterfalls:

Mambukal Waterfalls RateNumber of Hours
1st waterfalls₱100 – $21 hour
2nd waterfalls₱150 – $31 hour and 15 mins
3rd waterfalls₱200 -$41 hour and 30 mins
6th waterfalls₱250 – $52 hours
7th waterfalls₱300 – $63 hours


How to get to Mambukal Resort:

1.From Bacolod City, ride a jeepney en route to Bata or Mandalagan or take a cab to Libertad Public Market.

2.Alight at Libertad Market.

3.Walk to Save More Libertad. In front of it is the Libertad Terminal.

4.Ride the double tier bus to Mambukal Resort. Fare is about ₱40 ($0.79) one-way and travel time is approximately 45 minutes.

Mambukal Resort Entrance Fee: (Adult) ₱50 – $1, (Child) ₱20 – $0.39, (Light Vehicle) ₱15 – $0.30, (Truck/Bus) ₱30 – $0.59



Why is it one of the top things to do near Bacolod?

Silay City in Negros Occidental has a timeless appeal, once dubbed as the “Paris of Negros”, it takes pride as one of the largest sugar producers in the Philippines. But what draws tourists here are the more or less 30 well-preserved age-old houses built during the Spanish colonial period declared as official heritage landmarks by the National Historical Commission.



Why is it one of the top beaches near Bacolod?

Lakawon Island is a pretty popular island and beach destination near Bacolod perfect for group and even solo travelers. It can be done as a day trip from Bacolod city, but to better enjoy its facilities and soak up the beach vibe here, best to stay overnight. Several cottages fringe Lakawon Islands cream shore and azure water. Watersports are also available here, but it is best known for its massive floating bar. For information on entrance fees, overnight rates, and getting to Lakawon Island, check out my detailed Lakawon Island blog through the link below.




Why is it one of the best beaches near Bacolod?

Another rising beach destination accessible from Bacolod City is Carbin Reef. It’s actually a napkin-shaped sandbar lapped by crystal clear denim blue water. It has a powdery white sand peppered with makes-shift cottages. But its real gem is hidden underwater – a 200 hectare marine sanctuary, part of Sagay’s protected seascape.

For more information, read my Carbin Reef itinerary blog below.




Why is it one of the top places to see near Bacolod?

The newest attraction near Bacolod City is Ilaya Highland Resort, a Balinese-inspired resort perfect for family and friend bonding in Patag, Negros Occidental. Visitors can do a day trip here and swim in its infinity pool while enjoying in the scenic view of the mountains and Panay Island.

(Video) Bacolod Trip! 🛩

Ilaya Highland Resort Day Tour: RESERVE HERE


Why is it one of the top things to do near Bacolod?

Situated in Victorias City in Negros Occidental, the St. Joseph the Worker Chapel (Church of the Angry Christ) features unique artistry and imagery of Jesus and the saints. Constructed 5 years after the World War II, it is hailed an Important Cultural Property of the Philippines. The structural design of this distinctive church was created by Czech architect Antonin Raymond, who made sure that the building can withstand earthquakes.

The Church of the Angry Christ is owned by the wealthy sugar baron family – Osssorio Family, that is why it is sitting inside the confines of a sugar milling complex. What makes this church unique is the depiction of Jesus Christ, instead of showing a compassionate image, he is shown here as angry. The rare mural was created by a Filipino born-artist Alfonso Ossorio, known for his surrealist works.

Meanwhile, the beautiful mosaics inside the church are made by Belgian Adelaide de Bethune. The brass plates in the pulpit and the baptistry designed by Bethune was made by Arcadio Anore. The Filipino-looking wooden sculptures of saints, Mary and Joseph, and the images of the Stations of the Cross were created by Benjamin Valenciano. Interestingly, the brown skin of the Filipinized version of the religious themes were made of glass from beer bottles.

How to get to the Angry Christ Church:

1.From Bacolod City, ride a bus to Manapla.

2.Alight at Victorias Milling Company in Victorias City.

3.Take a tricycle to the Saint Joseph Church inside the Victorias Milling Company.

P.S. Apologies, my old hard drive where the photos of the church is stored is defective so I can’t show you how it looks. But the church is worth checking.


Sipalay was once a local secret, but it’s slowly getting the attention that it deserves. Getting here may be more than the adventure you bargained for, but it’s well worth it. Sipalay is sprinkled with gorgeous forest-fringed islets that beckon repeat visits. For further details, do read my Sipalay blog through the link below.




  • The White Hotel Bacolod

Location: Bacolod City, Negros Occidental


  • Sukro

Location: Bacolod City, Negros Occidental


  • The Suites at Calle Nueva

Location: Bacolod City, Negros Occidental


  • LOC Residences

Location: Bacolod City, Negros Occidental


  • Avenue Suites

Location: Bacolod City, Negros Occidental


(Video) Bacolod Day Tour Itinerary

  • Red Doorz Near New Government Center

Location: Bacolod City, Negros Occidental






Why you should visit Bacolod? ›

There are concerts, food stalls, and even a Masskara Beauty Pageant in Panaad Park. The Masskara Festival is one of the reasons why Bacolod gained the nickname “The City of Smiles,” and continues to be a hotspot for expats and travellers abroad.

What can you say about Bacolod? ›

It is known as the City of Smiles because of its MassKara Festival, a Mardi Gras-like festival and a spectacularly vivid mix of dance, color and music. Bacolod is also known as the Land of Sweet People, and for its culinary heritage, including its inasal (a kind of roast chicken on skewers) and sweet dessert treats.

What famous tourist spot is found in Bacolod? ›

Kanlaon Natural Park, The Ruins, Silay, Campuestuhan Highlands, Lakawon Island, Carbin Reef, and Sipalay. Visitors can even cross to Iloilo City by sea. Here's a comprehensive list of the best things to do in Bacolod.

Why is Bacolod The best place to live? ›

Life is sweeter here. Bacolod is an urban city with that distinct Southern charm. It keeps abreast with development yet still maintain the laid back lifestyle. Bacolod City has the amenities that other highly urbanized cities in the Philippines can offer but without the traffic problems, pollution and high crime rate.

What would be best for a day trip in Bacolod? ›

Top Things to Do in Bacolod City + Tourist Spots and Attractions
  • Capitol Grounds and Lagoon.
  • San Sebastian Cathedral and Bishop's Palace.
  • Pope John Paul II Tower.
  • "The Ruins" in Talisay City.
  • Mambukal Mountain Resort.
  • Heritage City of Silay.
  • Bacolod Public Plaza.
  • Masskara Festival.

What is Bacolod known for food? ›

Chicken Inasal

Considered as one of the trademark foods of Bacolod, the famous Chicken Inasal should be in your bucket list! This Bacolod trademark dish entails a raw chicken marinated in a mixture of calamansi, pepper, coconut vinegar, and Annatto—a condiment made from the Achiote tree seeds.

What are Bacolod people called? ›


Is Bacolod City a rich city? ›

BACOLOD City – Negros Occidental is one of the 10 wealthiest provinces in the Philippines at sixth place, according to the recent Commission on Audit (COA) annual financial report.

How safe is Bacolod City? ›

Crime rates in Bacolod, Philippines
Level of crime50.28Moderate
Problem people using or dealing drugs56.58Moderate
Problem property crimes such as vandalism and theft63.70High
Problem violent crimes such as assault and armed robbery52.11Moderate
Problem corruption and bribery70.39High
8 more rows

How do you get around Bacolod? ›

Bacolod is urbanized but easy to navigate, you take a pedicab (trishaw) or a jeepney for P8 to get around areas within the city; and a bus, taxi or even a jeepney to its adjacent towns.

Why is Negros famous? ›

Negros is noted for being the nation's prime producer and exporter of sugar. Sugarcane plantations abound in the agricultural areas of the island. The island also produces cotton and hardwood.

How old is Bacolod City? ›

By virtue of Commonwealth Act No. 326, enacted by the National Assembly, the City of Bacolod was created on June 18, 1938.

What is City of Smiles? ›

If you're looking for happiness in the Philippines, many would immediately direct you to the land of Bacolod. Known as the “City of Smiles,” this northwestern city on the island of Negros is famous for its cheerful people, mouthwatering delicacies and colorful MassKara Festival.

Is Bacolod a global City? ›

The study shortlisted Bacolod City as one of Tier II cities globally which has a potential to be in the Top 50 Global Outsourcing Cities. This is no doubt an affirmation of Bacolod City as the BPO Hub of Western Visayas with major outsourcing companies locating in the city.

How do I get to Bacolod 2022? ›

Partially/Unvaccinated Travelers
  1. Valid Government-Issued I.D.
  2. Negative Non-reactive Rapid Antigen Test Result taken from any DOH-accredited laboratories released within forty-eight (48) hours prior to travel.
  3. Rapid Antigen Test Result to be conducted by the Province of Negros Occidental.
1 Jul 2022

What is Balay Negrense? ›

The Balay Negrense (Hiligaynon for Negrense House), also known as Victor Fernandez Gaston Ancestral House is a museum in Silay City, Negros Occidental in the Philippines, showcasing the lifestyle of a late 19th-century Negrense sugar baron.

Is Bacolod open for tourists? ›

Your destination within the island also matters. Bacolod may be geographically within Negros Occidental but it is politically independent and separate from the rest of the province. Hence, Bacolod has its own policies. Case in point, as of this writing, only Bacolod City is accepting tourists.

What is the famous food in Negros? ›

Piaya, Napoleones, and Chicken Inasal are just a few of the famous foods that the city is known for. But more than these highly promoted delectable foods, there more cuisines that you should try when visiting the City of Smiles as manifested in various restaurants dotting the place.

What is the culture of Bacolod City? ›

Apart from the Masskara Festival, Bacolod is also known for its heritage houses and churches. Prominent sugar barons of the past century built lavish mansions in their prime to display wealth and power. Today, many of these mansions stand as a testament to their fine tastes and appreciation for beauty.

What festival is celebrated in Bacolod City? ›

The MassKara Festival may be one of the biggest festivals in Bacolod City, but the Panaad Festival, held every April, is known as the Mother of Festivals.

What festival dance does Bacolod City have? ›

Masskara Festival Dance MASSKARA FESTIVAL DANCE | LIST OF WINNERS IN THE STREET & ARENA COMPETITIONS Masskara Festival Dance | List of Winners is a compilation of the annual successful contingents for the annual grand event in Bacolod City. This post is progressive in nature as we are trying our…

How many airports are there in Bacolod? ›

The airport is located 15 kilometers (9.3 mi) northeast of Bacolod on a 181-hectare (450-acre) site in Barangay Bagtic, Silay, Negros Occidental.
Bacolod–Silay Airport.
Bacolod–Silay Airport Hulugpaan sang Bacolod–Silay Paliparan ng Bacolod–Silay
LocationBagtic, Silay, Negros Occidental
OpenedJanuary 18, 2008
16 more rows

Is Bacolod region 7? ›

On May 29, 2015, the region was realigned, when Western Visayas (Region VI) lost both the province of Negros Occidental and the highly urbanized city of Bacolod to the newly formed Negros Island Region.

What is the origin of Bacolod City? ›

Bacolod was not established as a town until 1755 or 1756, after the inhabitants of the coastal settlement of San Sebastián de Magsung̃ay, were attacked by forces under Datu Bantílan of Sulu on July 14, 1755 and the villagers transferred from the coast to a hilly area called Bacólod.

Is Negros Occidental safe to visit? ›

BACOLOD City – Negros Occidental remains a safe destination for tourists despite the recent atrocities perpetrated by bandits and rebels that affected the country's tourism prospects, according to the Provincial Tourism Office.

Is the Negros Occidental is a safe place to live? ›

The capital of Negros Occidental is a family-friendly city with an endearing local community that welcomes everyone in their progressive province. It's a safe city that's rich in culture, food, and scenic environments.

What are the requirements to travel from Iloilo to Bacolod? ›

Partially or Unvaccinated Individuals
  • Valid ID.
  • Negative Non-reactive Rapid Antigen Test Result taken from any DOH-accredited laboratories valid within forty-eight (48) prior to departure.
  • Rapid Antigen Test Result to be conducted by the Province of Negros Occidental free of charge upon arrival.
18 Aug 2022

Why do tourists visit the place of Negros Occidental? ›

The island is a marine reserve and wildlife sanctuary, an ecotourism destination for students, researchers and of course, tourists. There are plenty of things to do here like snorkeling, kayaking, trekking, bird watching, sailing and scuba diving.

Why should we visit Negros Occidental? ›

Situated on the eastern side of the island of Negros, Canlaon is the main gateway to Kanlaon Volcano, or Mount Kanlaon. This active volcano is a popular spot for mountain climbing and trekking and is the city's main attraction. Visitors to Canlaon will also be impressed with its agriculture and indigenous community.

What makes Negros Occidental unique from other provinces in Western Visayas? ›

Negros Occidental is known for its sugar, making it the country's "sugar bowl". It produces more than half of the country's sugar. Fifteen sugar centrals are located throughout the province. Other crops, however, are brought in from neighbouring provinces because of the priority given to sugar cane.

What makes Negros Occidental unique? ›

Negros Occidental is a province occupying the north-western part of Negros. It is the fourth most populated province in the Philippines, known for its Chicken Inasal and its booming sugar industry, nicknamed The Sugar Bowl of the Philippines and home to one of the Philippines' active volcanoes, the majestic Mt.

What is the best thing to do here during summer in Negros? ›

The pristine environment makes bird watching, scuba diving, trekking, snorkeling, and kayaking ideal activities you can enjoy here. These are some of the best things to do in Negros Occidental.

Why is Negros famous? ›

Negros is noted for being the nation's prime producer and exporter of sugar. Sugarcane plantations abound in the agricultural areas of the island. The island also produces cotton and hardwood.

How rich is Negros Occidental? ›

Negros Occidental is the sixth wealthiest province in the country, a recent Commission on Audit annual financial report showed.

What values do Negros Occidental people possess? ›

The people of Negros Occidental value hospitality, family, humor and hard work.

Why Negros is a sugar Bowl? ›

Known as the “Sugarbowl of the Philippines”, Negros Occidental produces more than half the nation's sugar output. Negros Occidental faces the island-province of Guimaras and the province of Iloilo on Panay Island to the northwest across the Panay Gulf and the Guimaras Strait.

What festival dance does Bacolod City have? ›

Masskara Festival Dance MASSKARA FESTIVAL DANCE | LIST OF WINNERS IN THE STREET & ARENA COMPETITIONS Masskara Festival Dance | List of Winners is a compilation of the annual successful contingents for the annual grand event in Bacolod City. This post is progressive in nature as we are trying our…

Who named Negros Occidental? ›

Negros was originally known to the natives as "Buglas", meaning "cut off" in old Hiligaynon. When the Spaniards arrived in April 1565, they named it "Negros" because of the dark-skinned natives they found.

What is the origin of Bacolod City? ›

Bacolod was derived from the Ilonggo word “bakolod” meaning “stonehill” since the settlement was founded in 1770 on a stonehill area, now the district of Granada and the former site of the Bacolod Murcia Milling Company. Due to the Muslim raids in 1787, Bacolod was transferred towards the shoreline.

Is Bacolod and Negros the same? ›

Bacolod is located on the northwestern coast of the large island of Negros. Within the island, it is bounded on the north by the city of Talisay, on the east by the town of Murcia and on the south by the city of Bago.

Is the land of sweet surprises? ›



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5. ACE Medical Center Bacolod - Newest Aerials of Construction Site (September 2022)
(Random Life Observer)
6. Filipino STREET FOOD in The Philippines BEST Food City : BACOLOD + Bong Bong's Factory Tour!!
(Luke Martin)
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