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Goatee styles are increasingly on-trend because more men realize the best way to rock them for their particular facial and hair features.

If you’re about to trim your beard and are considering shaping up your chin hair into a goatee, then read this article to figure out what the best goatee style will be for you.

What Is a Goatee?

A goatee is a facial hairstyle in which the beard is small and centered on the front of the chin, with no facial hair on the cheeks. Depending on the specific style, it may or may not involve a chin strap.

As with most hairstyles, it’s challenging to point back to when it officially started, but the goatee became popular in the 17th-century Western world thanks to a Flemish Painter namedAnthony van Dyck, who rocked his goatee with a pointed mustache.

Goatee styles are suitable for men who:

  • want to look suave
  • feel that they have a weak chin
  • like a more defined or sculpted look
  • have an edgy fashion sense

However, because they are versatile and have several different styles, a goatee is not reserved for any particular type of man, hair type, or overall look. ​Goatees can look good on any man, depending on the specific style and what they are going for.

You just have to find the right goatee style that fits your personality, facial shape, and maintenance preferences. Keep reading to uncover the best ways to rock this classic trend.

So whether your hair is curly or straight, long or short, clean-cut or scraggly, there’s a goatee style that can work for you. Check out our suggested styles below!

30 Unique Goatee Styles in 2023

The photos below demonstrate the versatility of the goatee trend. Which look do you think you can rock best?

1. Intentionally Scruffy

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (1)

Angelo Cordeschi/Shutterstock

This is one of the best goatee styles for men who work hard in the office and need to look a certain part for their job but don’t have the time, energy, or effort to maintain a cleanly shaven goatee each day. It looks excellent with slicked-back hair, adding to an edgy and relaxed yet still semi-professional look.

2. Goatee With Pointed Mustache

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (2)

Anatoliy Karlyuk/Shutterstock

This goatee style is slightly longer than most in order to coincide with a long, pointed mustache. This is a quizzical look, appropriate for comical men who love to stand out from the crowd and do not feel the need to take life so seriously.

3. Well-Connected Business Goatee

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (3)

Ranta Images/Shutterstock

This goatee style is very calculated, as it connects the goatee with a mustache, chin strap, and sideburns. There are no gaps, the hair is cleanly narrow, and the overall look is as well-connected as the businessman who wants to wear it.

4. Dimple Enhancer With Thin Chinstrap

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (4)

Nicholas Piccillo/Shutterstock

If you have dimples, this is one of the best goatee styles to draw attention to them. You can forgo the mustache in order to let the top edges of your goatee seemingly “point” to your dimples.

Then, you can grow and neatly maintain a thin chin strap that will underline and further enhance your dimples.

5. Upside Down Fade

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (5)


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The Upside Down Fade is a great goatee style for men who are already bald or considering a clean-shaven head but can still grow a decent amount of facial hair. It works by drawing attention to the chin with the goatee, shaving down the mustache so that it’s present but slightly faded, then having a cleanly shaved head.

6. Thick, Dark, and Edgy Goatee and Mustache

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (6)

Media Lens King/Shutterstock

This goatee style is an excellent choice for men with naturally thicker hair. The thick, dark goatee goes well with an equally thick mustache and thick eyebrows.

It can work well with both straight and curly hair, but an overall slightly disheveled look brings the edginess of this style out even more.

7. Biker Narrow and Long Goatee With Mustache

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (7)

Stephen Orsillo/Shutterstock

The thin, long goatee style has been a classic favorite of edge men for decades, as it is a fierce, striking look that immediately draws attention.

Because it is narrow, the hair does not have to be long to look that long. But generally, this look goes best with men who have longer and thinner faces.

8. Soul-Patch-Centered Goatee

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (8)


This look puts thesoul patch— the hair right under the bottom lip — in center focus. The mustache and the goatee surround it but do not connect, which allows the soul patch to take center stage.This look goes best with men who have short or shaved hair.

9. The Barely There Goatee and Mustache

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (9)


This look is similar to a morning-after look and is great for men who do not typically grow too much hair or have thick facial hair but still desire the goatee look. At the right level of the hair, it looks like they just shaved a day or two ago and just don’t care (even if they’ve been growing it out for a while now).

10. Narrow and Approachable Goatee

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (10)

Zholobov Vadim/Shutterstock

This goatee style is similar to biker goatee but without a mustache. It can be just as striking but has an overall friendlier and more welcoming look.

11. Blended Goatee

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (11)


This style creates a subtle blend between the mustache and the goatee, with a lower cut on the side of the lips and slightly thicker hair on the chin and upper lip.

It’s a cool, calm, and collected look that doesn’t require uptight maintenance but still suits a more fashion-forward man.

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12. Fill-in-the-Blank Goatee

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (12)


If your mustache tends to grow thicker on the sides than in the middle, you might feel a bit self-conscious about rocking it by itself. And a full beard can make that gap stand out just as much as no beard.

However, a small, rounded goatee right on your chin can complement a mustache like this and bring intentionality to the look overall.

13. White Stripe Goatee

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (13)


If your hair is starting to turn white, there is nothing wrong with that! Make it look deliberate by dying the middle section of your goatee white and creating a unique, distinguished look.

14. Wide Connected Goatee

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (14)


This goatee style is great for men with bright, wide smiles. Keeping a greater width on the goatee and mustache accentuates and frames a wide smile more than a thinner goatee would.

15. Upside Down Fade With Head Hair

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (15)

Yuliya Khovbosha/Shutterstock

WIth this goatee style, you’ll have a small amount of hair on the chin and an even smaller amount of hair on the mustache area. It is similar to the Upside Down Fade (style 5).

But for people who have plenty of hair on their heads. This works to frame the facial features, and it goes well with heart-shaped faces.

16. Pulled Back Goatee

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (16)

Studio Romantic/Shutterstock

This is one of the best goatee styles for men with long hair pulled back into a ponytail. The reason is that this goatee is somewhere in between a goatee and a chinstrap, with the hair becoming more narrow as it reaches the ears.The resulting effect complements the pulled-back head hair very nicely.

17. Salt and Pepper Goatee

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (17)

Alexander Sviridov/Shutterstock

Similar to the White Stripe Goatee (style 13), this goatee style is distinguished and classic for older men. However, if you prefer not to dye your hair for the “stripe” look, go with this look instead.

18. The Subtle Circle

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (18)

Ysbrand Cosijn/Shutterstock

A “circle” is when hair connects your goatee with your mustache and is common for many of the best goatee styles. However, this specific style shaves down the hair to make the circle not as thick or prominent. It works best for men with thicker facial hair strands and a full, thick head of hair.

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19. Neatly Hairy

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (19)


If your body grows hair fast enough to have a new beard each day and you don’t want to keep up with the maintenance that one of the super cleanly cut goatee styles requires, then this Neatly Hairy style may be your favorite.

You’ll shave your facial hair so that you have the thickest hair in a nice and neat shape, but allow your cheek hair to grow a little bit as well. The result is a purposefully “carefree” look.

20. Under and Below

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (20)

Kolbakova Olga/Shutterstock

Last but not least, this goatee style requires you to allow your beard hair to grow out longer but still save the checks to emphasize the goatee, where most of the hair will be.

This is one of the best goatee styles for men who love their side profiles and want to draw attention to it.

21. Box Cut

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (21)

Simon Greig/Shutterstock

This style is similar to what many call the circle facial hair (chin hair connected with mustache), but this goatee style is intentionally more rectangular than circular.

It works best for men who have a more box-like facial structure as well. Men with circular or heart-shaped faces should likely avoid this look.

22. Sideline Goatee

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (22)

The Stock Company/Shutterstock

This goatee style is comfortable sitting on the sidelines — of your ace, that is. Instead of most of the hair being above the chin, like many goatee styles, this style places the hair more on the sides, leaving a wider gap between the bottom lip and the chin hair.This is a great look for men who have box-shaped head hair that is shaved down on the sides.

23. Front and Center Goatee

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (23)


The exact opposite of the Sideline Goatee is the Front and Center Goatee, which features a narrow strip of hair below the lip and a fair amount on and right under the chin, but absolutely no hair on the sides of the chin or the cheeks.

Interestingly enough, this look also goes well with men who have box-shaped hair because both looks have their own way of highlighting the centerline of the face.

24. White-Tipped Goatee

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (24)


Another look that might require some dye is the White-Tipped Goatee. It’s for men who are starting to get some natural strands of white hair and want it to look more creative and unique.Dying the bottom of the goatee white, especially if the hair is longer, adds a standout, eye-catching effect.

25. Soul-Tee

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (25)

(Video) 24 Best Beard Styles for Men


This style is a unique look with plenty of personality and character but can still suit someone who wants to be taken seriously.

You’ll highlight your soul patch by shaving down the middle of the goatee, then have a conscious look for the workday as well as a fun look for the evenings.

26. A Blonde Touch

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (26)

J Walters/Shutterstock

If you have fair skin and fair hair, having too much facial hair can present a misintended look, especially from afar.

Going with a medium-sized soul patch and similarly medium-sized mustache to match will give you a masculine look without disfiguring the appearance of your head shape.

27. Mustache Look-a-Like

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (27)


This goatee style has a paralleled effect, with a goatee that almost matches the mustache in width and length. You’ll have no soul patch or other facial hair to bring this look into full effect.

28. Long and Curly Circle

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (28)

Sunday Mornings Photos/Shutterstock

Having a long and curly circle goatee and mustache combo can create a contrasting effect with a smooth and put-together head of hair.

Your hair can do it all, and this style will demonstrate just that! It just might take some maintenance to not get too out of hand.

29. Keeping It Simple

30 Awesome Goatee Styles (with Pictures) | Dapper Mane (29)

Fotoluminate LLC/Shutterstock

While the goatee style above is fantastic for men who have straight head hair, this goatee style is perfect for men who have very curly, big, or otherwise loud head hair.

If your head of hair draws attention, let it keep shining by keeping your goatee style simple, short, and without additional facial hair.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about goatee styles/.

Are goatee styles good?

As you can see from this article, there are many different types of goatee styles. Some you might like and some you might hate, but it all depends on your intended look, facial shape, and overall style preferences.

What are the benefits of a goatee?

Goatees can make your chin look firmer and more defined. Depending on the style, they can also add intrigue, mystery, excitement, and professionalism to your look.

That’s why both bad boys and businessmen can rock a good goatee.Like other beard styles, Goatees can also make you look older, wiser, ormore attractiveto some people.

Who are goatee styles for?

Goatee styles are for every man.Men who have rounder, softer, or less defined facial features may opt for a goatee to sharpen their chin or make their face look a bit narrower.

However, men who have strong chin lines, cheekbones, and facial definition also appreciate goatee styles, as they help to accentuate those features.

Which goatee styles are best for round faces?

If you have a rounder face, having a broader and thicker goatee works well, especially with a thinner chin strap to compliment it.

Which goatee styles are best for narrow faces?

If you have a narrow face, a more narrow goatee complemented with a connected mustache and a soul patch will look appropriate. If you like chin straps, having a thicker one can widen your face a bit as well.

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What’s Your Favorite Goatee Style?

A goatee style can work for every shape, hair type, and fashion sense.And now that you’ve seen 30 goatee styles, we hope that you’re getting excited to try one — or a few!


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