Cities: Skylines mods – the best mods and maps (2023)

Cities: Skylines is a prospective civil engineer’s dream come true. It’s been a staple city-builder for a few years now, and in that time the modding community has turned its sharp eyes and impressive creativity to the city builder and management sim in a big way. Today, there are literally thousands and thousands of Cities: Skylines mods available on the game’s Steam Workshop page, which makes it understandably daunting to find the best ones.

Luckily, you have us. We’ve gone ahead and handpicked a suite of the best Cities: Skylines mods that will make any city better and help you manage your citizens efficiently. Below you’ll find a mixture of purely aesthetic mods, and quality of life tools that will make managing, creating, and destroying a breeze. Turns out there’s quite a lot you can do with the mod tools for this building game.

No matter if you’re a casual builder or a hardcore city planner, you’re sure to find something appropriate in our Cities: Skylines mod list. So, without any more preamble, here are the best mods for Cities: Skylines.

Electric Roads

Providing your city with power is an essential step to growth, and is often a foundational aspect of your infrastructure. The most common method to spread power – at least at first – is through the use of unsightly power lines. The Electric Roads mod allows you to ditch the power poles by making the roads themselves a conductor. It’s a brilliant quality of life mod that keeps your city beautiful and powered all at once.

Loading Screen Mod

As far as quality of life mods go, the Loading Screen Mod is dang near essential. Most notably, it cuts download times significantly. Installing several mods can bog down the game’s performance, but with the use of the Loading Screen Mod allows you can automatically load the assets present in your city. Many users have reported load times much faster than the base game’s notoriously slow load time, which makes this mod a fantastic addition to your arsenal.

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Roundabout Builder

Traffic management is one of Cities: Skyline’s paramount challenges. Maintaining smooth flow through the use of one-way streets and freeway connections is almost a puzzle game in itself. Roundabouts are a fantastic way to alleviate heavy traffic, and this Roundabout Builder mod makes building them a breeze. A simple press of CTRL+O and all your traffic-related headaches will disappear.

Bulldoze It!

Sometimes buildings burn down, or are abandoned, or otherwise become unsightly and undesirable. With Bulldoze It!, these buildings are automatically removed from the city without having to manually delete them yourself. It’s a great quality of life mod that lets you direct your focus to something other than abandoned buildings.

The Agricultural Field Collection

If Cities: Skylines isn’t agricultural enough for you, take a look at this Agricultural Field Collection mod collection’s suite of fields. There are five different fields to choose from, each lending a quaint countryside feel to your city. They don’t require any upkeep, and don’t attract any visitors – these are strictly visual eye candy meant to give some colour to otherwise metropolitan cities.

More Beautification

For those among us with an eye for detail, the More Beautification mod by modding all-star BloodyPenguin is an absolute boon. Snap satellite dishes to the roofs of houses, billboards to the side of buildings, ventilation systems atop industrial buildings, and much more. More Beautification is a perfect way to add a personal touch to your city and tidy away any clutter.

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Are you bored by a dumb ol’ regular city? Do you yearn for the dystopian skyline of Blade Runner? Download the Quad collection and your city will leap straight into the future. The collection also includes many modern buildings, but who wants to mess with those when you can have a near-future Los Angeles?

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81 Tiles

If you’re looking to expand beyond the 25 tiles the base game allocates to you, then check out this 81 Tiles mod. You’ll be able to unlock 81 tiles of a map, allowing you to build in any direction from the get-go. Keep in mind that this is an absolutely enormous area to cover, but a canvas that big is sure to produce some incredible art.

Timboh’s Marvelous Interchange Emporium

Once your city grows large enough, you’re eventually going to have to address freeway connections and how they move drivers in and out of the city. Timboh’s Interchange Emporium comes complete with a host of prefabricated freeway interchanges, all based on real-life examples. Clovermills, turbines, diverging windmills – this Cities: Skylines mod collection has it all. The best part is that not only are the interchanges very efficient, but they’re also a ton of fun to look at.

Canal Blocks

In vanilla Cities: Skylines, building a canal involves a great deal of terraforming and careful planning. With the Canal Blocks mod, though, putting together a canal network is a snap, literally. The collection includes a ton of different canal shapes and sizes that you can use to increase the value of adjacent homes – ideal for your Venice Beach or Amsterdam recreations.

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Ultimate Skyscraper Collection by various

Have you ever wanted to add Die Hard’s Nakatomi Plaza to your city? How about the Avengers Tower? Now you can as this Ultimate Skyscraper collection gives you access to a host of skyscrapers that put the skyline in Cities Skylines mods. It’s not just fictional buildings either: real-world locations like Sears Tower and Seattle’s Space Needle can be found in this impressive collection.

Real World Locations

The beauty of the modding community surrounding Cities: Skylines is its diversity. There are a ton of collections and mods that allow you to build based on your preference of architecture and your favourite cities worldwide. With these mods you can model your city after Brooklyn, France, Russia, Central Europe, China, Japan, and more. The creativity of the Cities: Skylines player base is truly staggering.

Advanced road anarchy

Roads and complex traffic solutions are great and all, but have you ever created a loop-the-loop highway that towers above your city? The Road Anarchy and Advanced Road Anarchy mods let you throw physics to the wind and create the roadways of your dreams.

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chirpy exterminator

This Chirpy Exterminator mod does so little, but changes so much. As the author puts it, Chirpy Exterminator “gets rid of Chirpy, the bird we all love to hate”. Alternatively, you can make Chirpy a little more useful by modding it so it reads out all the latest from your favourite subreddit.

Real World Cities Maps

Think you can do better than the real-world city planners of yore? This collection of Real World Cities Maps lets you try your hand at redesigning one of hundreds of real cities, from Ancona, Italy to Zakopane, Poland.


ThisZion mod is based on Zion National Park and challenges you to deface, debase, and disgrace one of the world’s natural treasures by turning it into a functioning city. With steep mountains, seasonal water flow changes, and very little flat ground this is no mean feat.

Mission to Mars

You can either play this map as a scenario, where you’ll need to develop a human colony on the red planet and a space elevator, or you can just download the Mission to Mars mod as a map and enjoy all your usual city planning deeds in an extraterrestrial setting.

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Skyrim Map

If it’s a fictional setting you’re after, then why not try to build your dream city on Skyrim’s map with the Skyrim Map mod? We always felt that Whiterun could be improved by a spaghetti junction or landfill site.

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What we’ve listed here is just a small sampling of the thousands of mods available on the Steam Workshop. By no means is this list definitive or exhaustive, just what we like to play with ourselves. Browsing the Workshop is a ton of fun, and you never know when you might discover inspiration for your next city.


Cities: Skylines mods – the best mods and maps? ›

Cities: Skylines mods – the best mods and maps
  • Electric Roads. ...
  • Roundabout Builder. ...
  • The Agricultural Field Collection. ...
  • Quad. ...
  • Timboh's Marvelous Interchange Emporium. ...
  • Ultimate Skyscraper Collection by various. ...
  • Advanced road anarchy. ...
  • Real World Cities Maps.
Dec 18, 2020

How do I make Cities: Skylines run better with mods? ›

How to make Cities: Skylines run FASTER + Higher FPS! - YouTube

Do mods slow down Cities: Skylines? ›

More RAM and faster CPU makes it faster, having more assets and mods makes it slower.

Are city skyline mods free? ›

The Steam Workshop for mod-friendly city builder Cities: Skylines is stuffed with free goodies, and continues to grow by over a thousand new items per day. Players have been hard at work not just building their cities but making maps, mods, assets, and tools for others to enjoy.

What is the biggest map in city skylines? ›

The map itself is 81 tiles big, the largest you can buy without mods is 9, the largest available to be "bought" is 25 (9 of which you can buy to build a city in a non-quadrangular shape.)

What is the end goal of cities skylines? ›

The developer's goal was to create a game engine capable of simulating the daily routines of nearly a million unique citizens, while presenting this to the player in a simple way, allowing the player to easily understand various problems in their city's design.

How do you get 25 tiles in cities skylines ps4? ›

How to Buy More Land in Cities Skylines - PS4 / Xbox One - YouTube

What does DLC stand for? ›

abbreviation. downloadable content: additional content that can be purchased online and added on to a video game, as to enhance its features: If you buy the DLC, you'll have access to the new weapon packs.

Will there be a city skylines 2? ›

Cities: Skylines 2 will either release alongside the PC version in 2022, if that happens, or it won't come out until around 2023-2024. It took two years for Cities: Skylines to reach PlayStation and Xbox platforms as Paradox Interactive tends to focus on the PC first.

How big can Cities: Skylines get? ›

The possible playable area is 5 x 5 tiles, or 1200 x 1200 cells, or 9600 x 9600 meters, or 9.6 x 9.6 km. The possible play area of the map is 92.16 km2. Claiming all 9 tiles in a 3 x 3 area, or 720 x 720 cells, or 5760 x 5760 meters, or 5.76 x 5.76 km. The claimable area of the map is 33.1776 km2.

Is city skylines CPU or GPU intensive? ›

It's pretty intensive on all of it. I've noticed the heaviest hit being on my GPU though. Almost all my VRAM is used, and the usage % is pretty high.

How many cores does city skylines use? ›

The game uses up to 8-threads, so it will use up to 8-cores.

Why does Cities: Skylines use so much RAM? ›

When you start or load a game, Cities Skylines copy's all the necessary files related to the assets (roads, buildings, trees, props, etc.) from your harddrive into your RAM memory. It does that, so when you select a road, or building you want to place, the item is selected very fast.

How do you mod 81 tiles? ›

Cities Skylines 81 Tiles Mod Tutorial - YouTube

How do I get infinite money in Cities: Skylines? ›

Cities Skylines Unlimited Money Cheat

Open up the game's main menu. Click on Content Manager. Click on Mods from the options on the left side. Now, you can select the Unlimited money option after which your money will never run out.

How do I make Cities: Skylines more realistic? ›

How To Make Cities Skylines Look Realistic Step By Step - YouTube

Where do I get mods for city skylines? ›

Mods can be most easily added to the game by subscribing in the Steam Workshop where they can be updated by the creator and automatically sent to the users.


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