Silver City Housing Scheme Rawalpindi and Islamabad (2023)

Silver City Rawalpindi is an RDA endorsed lodging society that gives a peaceful and eco-friendly living environment with all the extravagances that could ever be anticipated. The project was established in mid-2018 with the concept to present people with the taste of the best living standards at reasonable rates. This lodging scheme in Islamabad is a progressed and tranquil place that provides its residents with the effortlessness and charms of nature through its excellent area with closeness to nature. Silver City Housing Society Rawalpindi, anRDA-approvedlodging society is a venture by Laraib Associates & Developers (PVT) Ltd. and SAREMCO Group. It is found at Girja Road Rawalpindi close to Thalian Interchange. The housing society is an advanced and developed bequest marvel in Islamabad City. The advanced and extravagant offices portion of the master collection makes it the leading experience of 2022.

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Developers & Owners:

The CEO Mr. Muhammad Iqbal along with his core team includes Sardar Azam Khan (Director Operations), Raja Abdul Jabbar(Director Site Operations), Muhammad Usman Khan (Director Planning & Development), and Raja Sajid Hameed (Director Land) are also a part of this brilliant venture.

The two eminent domains of Pakistan SAREMCO and Laraib Associates & Developers have joined hands to make another showstopper. Later, another addition to this list is Ehsan Javed Engineers with whom the administration marked MoU. They have worked together on numerous fruitful ventures and are once more prepared to construct the Silver city lodging society with an additional standard design. The Silver City Housing Conspire Islamabad is a secret society created mutually by Laraib Engineers & Designers (PVT) Ltd. and SAREMCO. The designers have exerted extraordinary effort to keep up the adjustment between the arrangement of extravagances and affordability. Laraib and SAREMCO groups are well-known property developers in Pakistan. Both the companies have done some renowned property experiences with 100% client satisfaction. The companies also have participated in a few other endeavors, such as creating authorized projects for the government of Pakistan. Such differing, experienced companies are no question a pearl for the real estate industry of Pakistan.

Silver City Residential Payment Plan:

One of the reasons why most individuals, especially the investors in real estate choose to book their dream property in installments is that they don’t have the exact amount of cash in their hands while they have consistent cash flow on monthly basis. Another reason why they do this is that they want to invest their savings for their future generations and want to provide a secure future while keep accumulating their hard-earned money. On the other hand, simple installments and mindful costs are the two fundamental characteristics of new housing societies.

This gives the common people a chance to grab a plot for themselves to build a home and secure their family’s future while paying with ease and comfort

Simple installments and mindful costs are the two fundamental characteristics of new housing societies.

Silver City housing society plans to have a state-of-the-art framework, wonderful design, and other comforts within a cost-effective payment plan. Housing societies give different investment offers within their payment plans for instance plot size, location, and payment options.

The silver city Islamabad installment deal is the one that will not create any gap within the investor’s take whereas giving the most elevated benefits. Check out the silver city Islamabad installment plan given below

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Payment Plan

Silver City Commercial Payment Plan:

The commercial plot is available for sale. This property is situated in the heart of the city and includes the development of a commercial hub. It aims to provide people with affordable housing and commercial property. The project includes artistic infrastructure, RDA-approved NOC allowed housing society, and the commercial plots are available in various sizes with an easy payment plan. If you are looking for a new home for your family, we offer you many options to choose from and for business, this is the best investment you can ever make in your financial career development.

There are two categories:

Category A:

  • (35*40)133.5 sq/Yards
  • Expressway Facing
  • Road 80ft

Category B:

  • (30*30)100 sq/Yards
  • Expressway Facing
  • Road 80ft
  • Processing Fee 25000
  • Processing Charges-15%
  • Category (Park Facing Corner)-10%

Silver City Housing Scheme Rawalpindi and Islamabad (3)

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Silver City Housing Scheme Rawalpindi NOC:

The thing which made us most concerned about newly developing housing schemes is the legality of the housing scheme. Buying without the assurance of it being legal is an act of numbness that can afterward cause trouble. The No Objection Certificate of the Silver City Housing project is confirmed by Rawalpindi Development Authority which implies the city is 100% legal. Investors and buyers can be at ease knowing their property is legitimate. Silver City has been focused on providing a quality way of living since it has been introduced. After tuning in to the names of the proprietors of this real estate project, the financial experts are speeding towards investment in plots. The authorities included in the development are sure to set benchmarks among all the other real estate housing projects of Islamabad as their past venture.

The Silver City Housing Society is found near Rawalpindi Girja Street near to Thalian interchange. Citizens can get to it from numerous diverse focuses. Silver City could be a 10-minute drive away from the Thalian Interchange and 10 minutes absent from Lahore Islamabad Motorway (M-2). The amazing lodging society can too be effortlessly gotten to from Srinagar Highway, almost 15 minutes of drive. Motorway 1 and Rawalpindi Kohat Street are moreover near to the Silver Society. Both are 15 minutes and 25 minutes away, respectively. Last but not the least, it is as it were 15 minute’s drive absent from the Islamabad International Airport. In a nutshell, Silver City Islamabad is found at the heart of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, interfacing both twin cities by implication. The perfect area of this extraordinary lodging conspire is the icing on the cake that pairs its esteem and makes it a productive investment.Silver City housing society plans to have a state-of-the-art framework, wonderful design, and other comforts within a cost-effective payment plan. Housing societies give different investment offers within their payment plans for instance plot size, location, and payment options. The silver city Islamabad installment deal is the one that will not create any gap within the investor’s take whereas giving the most elevated benefits. Check out the silver city Islamabad installment plan given below.

Silver City Housing Scheme Rawalpindi and Islamabad (4)


  • Thalian Interchange – 10 min drive
  • 10 minutes from M-2 Motorway
  • Islamabad International Airport – 15 min drive
  • 20 minutes from M-1 Motorway
  • Srinagar Highway – 18 min drive
  • CDA Sector i-14- 7 minutes drive
  • Quaid-Azam International Hospital – 8-minute drive
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The master plan of Silver City Lodging Conspire incorporates all the cutting-edge 21st-century highlights to offer up-to-the-mark living comforts. Keeping in their minds the wants and desires of clients, the architects of Silver City Housing Scheme have kept design within the ace arrangement which intrigues people. Most of the people are now moving from exceedingly populated country ranges with less populated areas of urban regions which offer a much better and more modern way of life with a package of more opportunities and options. Typically replying to why properties are getting costly each day, the Silver City scheme is idealized for the people who favor living in a serene and pollution-free zone within the city. The proficient arrangement of Silver City Lodging Scheme Islamabad may be a piece of craftsmanship, design, and carefully articulated. All the advanced pleasantries included in this remarkable design offer a state-of-the-art living environment.


The Silver City Housing society will give naturally neighborly, near-to-nature residences with present-day comforts. Roads and other frameworks have been exceptionally well developed to guarantee the simple traveling and transportation of merchandise.

Following are the names of the sectors which have been proposed in the latest map of Silver City Housing Society.

Sectors A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and J. Sectors A, B, and C are developed and have been completely balloted. The plots will be available for resale. The rest of the sectors D, E, F, and G are under development. The remaining ones will be available as soon as society announces further balloting. However, the bookings of the remaining ones have not been started yet.

Plots available on resale:

The following sized plots are available for resale in Silver City Housing Society.

  • 4 Marla
  • 4.5 Marla
  • 5 Marla
  • 6 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla

These plots are all available in resale with All Dues Clear. However, plots are also available of 5, 10, and 20 Marla but they are available with additional development charges which the customer has to pay.
These plots are also available for resale.

Silver City Rawalpindi Facilities & Amenities:

  • Environmentally-Safe:
  • The Silver City aims to deliver a non-polluting and sustainable lifestyle having every healthy opulence. Such a type of natural surroundings will surely provide a remarkable adventure that has never been experienced in any of Pakistan’s housing societies.
  • Mosque with Latest Technology:
  • As Silver City has everything to offer to its residents, it will be going to cater to the religious and spiritual needs of its members. So the developers of Silver City are also building a Grand Jamia Mosque, a smart mosque that will be equipped with modern technology and framework.
  • Affluent Water Reserves:
  • Silver City Islamabad has undoubtedly considered the water demands of its locals. The management is going to develop a huge water reservoir network that will spread all over the society. It will save water through rain harvesting and will be able to deliver it to the residents for their regular use. Moreover, to ensure the drinking water provision, filtering water plants will be installed in the society.
  • Graveyard:
  • A graveyard is a crucial element of any residential society which provides the facility for its residents to stay closer to their deceased ones and to pray for them if buried nearby. As per the regulations set by the CDA authority, every new emerging residential society has to allocate 2 % of its allotted land for the graveyard to serve the locals for the burials of their loved ones. Silver City has also planned a dedicated land for the graveyard.
  • High-quality Road Infrastructure:
  • The framework which you are going to experience in Silver City Islamabad is established with such an abundance and composure of professionalism and is qualified to ensure absolute professional development. The main entrance and the residential streets of the blocks are commodious to give away a beautiful look.
  • Community Center:
  • The actual intention for the development of the community center is to bestow the convenience of a healthy lifestyle and leisure in secure surroundings. Its development aims to provide a suitable and pleasant option for the locals to live and stay healthy as their priority. The communal bonds developed in these community hubs assist to evolve powerful, secure, and broader communities; contribution in joint causes, sociability, fascination, and community spirit all together contribute to their role. As Silver City is close to nature, it will also work to develop such community centers to keep its locals fit and healthy.
  • Strong Healthcare System:
  • Across the country, health care institutions perform a significant role in the communal and financial improvisation of cities and societies. Health care institutions are extensively necessary for the mass residential regions of the country. Involvement of fitness and health centers in the society aims to enhance the locals’ overall fitness and can particularly influence their biological and cognitive health. Including such a mindset, the Silver City management has a dedicated healthcare system predefined in its infrastructure development.
  • Educational Complex:
  • The educational hub is the core of every housing society. People who invest in new housing projects immediately look for secure and easy-to-access educational institutions where their children can study in calm and smooth surroundings. The provision of quality education is the supreme emphasis of the management of Silver City Islamabad, for which they have allocated substantial land to develop a prime educational complex.
  • Markets & Commercialized Hub:
  • Well-built commercial centers cultivate to extend output and reinforce financial expansion. With the focus on financial practices and improving their volume, the firm commercial center helps to lower the usage of per capita land and thus decrease flaws and financial burdens.
  • Silver City Islamabad developers have been focusing significantly on the economic & commercial needs of the locals. They will be provided with an all-in-one commercial hub to enjoy business and financial engagements without going far from society.
  • Safety and Security
  • Feeling safe is everybody’s instinct. It is the foremost necessity of a person to feel secure and safe wherever he works or dwells. Similarly, a sense of protection is essential for the residents of any society, and a well-gated community guarantees safety. A smart security system, well-versed security professionals, and 24/7 perfectly operational CCTV cameras are the latest trend in providing better safety and security.
  • Silver City Islamabad management is now eyeing further surveillance equipment to replenish adequate safety for the locals of the society. Surrounded by an edge wall, this society supplies a foolproof structure of a top-class safety.
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Silver City Salient Features:

  • Beautiful entrance gate
  • Affordability
  • Accessibility
  • Club House
  • Modern Spa
  • 24/7 Security
  • Maintenance
  • Boundary Wall
  • Eco-community
  • Education Complex
  • Water Resources
  • Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Underground Electrification
  • Sewerage and waste disposal system
  • World-class infrastructure development
  • Sports complex with indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Medical Facilities offered by Hospitals, dispensaries, and clinics

Silver City Housing Scheme Rawalpindi and Islamabad (5)


Our experts are continuously there to serve you and reply to your inquiries and clear your confusion around where you ought to contribute to genuine endowment and what might be the choice best suited you. Feel free to contact us anytime or visit our head office in Islamabad.

These are a few fundamental requirements you must fulfill and bring with you to book your selected property in Silver City Housing Society.

Required Documents:

  • 2 Passport size pictures
  • 2 copies of the citizen national personality card (CNIC)
  • 2 CNIC duplicates of another to kin

Feel guaranteed to urge best venture return by contributing in genuine bequest at Silver City. Gondal Group of Marketing is an authorized merchant of Silver city.


Is Silver City NOC approved? ›

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Silver City Islamabad is duly approved by the Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The approved projects have better chances of timely completion and delivery.

Which is the best housing scheme in Islamabad? ›

Top 10 Best Housing Societies in Islamabad:
  • Capital Smart City.
  • Blue World City.
  • Park View City.
  • Nova City Islamabad.
  • Rudn Enclave Islamabad.
  • Kingdom Valley Islamabad.
  • Taj Residencia.
  • March Arch Enclave.
6 Aug 2022

Is Silver City approved? ›

The No Objection Certificate (NOC) of Silver City Housing Scheme Rawalpindi is duly approved by the Rawalpindi Authority (RDA). Approved projects such as Silver City have higher chances of timely property development with top-quality.

Who is the owner of Silver City? ›

CEO Silver City Muhammad Iqbal.

Is Silver City a good place to retire? ›

Retirees love living in the cool, crisp year-round climate, making Silver City a magnet for outdoor lovers. Right outside of town, national forests and recreational trails offer camping and hiking. Explore the rich history of Silver City by visiting its many museums and art centers.

Which is the cheapest area in Islamabad? ›

  • Kingdom Valley Islamabad is one of the 5 most affordable housing societies. ...
  • 1947 Housing Society is also one of the 5 most affordable housing societies. ...
  • Blue World City Islamabad considered to be one of the 5 most affordable housing societies.
18 Apr 2022

Which is the richest area in Islamabad? ›

Sector G-6

G-6 is one of Islamabad's most prominent and expensive sectors. Its high value is relative to its location situated across Jinnah Avenue and Kashmir Highway, making it almost central to the commercial areas and other main sectors of the city.

How many floors are allowed in Islamabad? ›

yd. will be allowed to have a floor-area ratio of 1:8, allowing plot owners to erect large structures up to 18 stories, according to new legislation for high-rise buildings in Islamabad. A floor-area ratio of 1:9 will be allowed for plots greater than 3,000 sq. yd.

Who is the owner of Silver City Rawalpindi? ›

Silver City Owner & Developers

This residential society is a joint venture of Laraib Developers & Associates (PVT) Limited and SAREMCO Group.

Why is it called Silver City? ›

It was established in 1870 as a Spanish settlement called La Ciénaga de San Vicente (Spanish: “St. Vincent of the Marsh”). Located in a mining area noted for silver, gold, copper, lead, and zinc, it was founded (1876) as Silver City and was a boomtown during the 1880s.

What is Silver City known for? ›

Boasting historical ties with Billy the Kid, the Gila Cliff Dwellings, and Geronimo, as well as the third largest open pit copper mine in the world, Silver City shines in its artistic, culinary, and historical offerings.

What is the average rent in Islamabad? ›

List of prices in Islamabad Current as of Oct 2022.
FoodUpdate prices
Monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 sqft) furnished accommodation in expensive area₨69,110
Monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 sqft) furnished accommodation in normal area₨45,797
Utilities 1 month (heating, electricity, gas ...) for 2 people in 85m2 flat₨10,981
57 more rows

Which site is best for house? ›

The 7 Best Real Estate Websites of 2022
  • Best Overall: Zillow.
  • Most Accurate:
  • Best Mobile App: Trulia.
  • Best for Foreclosures:
  • Best for Renting:
  • Best for “For Sale By Owner”:
  • Best for Heroes: Homes for Heroes.

Is Rawalpindi expensive city? ›

On the other hand, Rawalpindi is considered to be a relatively cheaper city as compared to Islamabad. There are a lot of local markets and eateries where you can find cheap products at an affordable price.

Is Silver City real? ›

Silver City is a town in Grant County, New Mexico, United States. It is the county seat and the home of Western New Mexico University. As of the 2010 census the population was 10,315. As of the 2020 census, the population was 9,704.

What is meant by Silver City? ›

Definitions of Silver City. a town in southwestern New Mexico. example of: town. an urban area with a fixed boundary that is smaller than a city.

What place is called the Silver City? ›

Legendary labour town and outback city at the edge of the desert. Broken Hill, or 'The Silver City' as it is sometimes called, is a city forged out of a hill that was almost pure silver, lead and zinc.

Is CBR town CDA approved? ›

Central Board of Revenue (CBR) Town – Phase 1 is a CDA-approved housing project developed by the Central Board of Revenue Employees Cooperative housing society (CBRECHS) and located at Islamabad Expressway. The CBR Town Islamabad covers an area of 1093 Kanal and offers 1041 residential plots.

Is Bahria Enclave NOC approved? ›

The Capital Development Authority has finally authorized Bahria Enclave NOC. It is now a permitted residential complex developing in the heart of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Is Bahria Town approved by CDA? ›

Two tier approvals of Private Housing Schemes are granted by CDA: Technical approval of Layout Plan (LOP) of the scheme.
Bahria Enclave-II, Agro Farming SchemeApprovedIssued
Bahria Enclave-II, Phase-II, Housing SchemeApprovedIssued
Bahria Garden CityApprovedNot Issued
61 more rows

Is Paragon society LDA approved? ›

It is LDA-approved and located near Barki Road and Lahore Ring Road. The residential community is based on 12,000 Kanal (1500 acres) that contains many developed blocks. All the basic and advanced necessities are provided by society.


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